Markdown particle for Gantry 5


I am trying for the first time to set up a website with Grav and Gantry 5. I am a bit puzzeled that there is no particle for markdown, but only html? Or am I mistaken?

Anyways, I tried to create one for myself, and this is what I came up with.
It appears in the Gantry backend, I can enable it and put Markdown text in it, but it is not displayed on the side that I’ve placed it. What am I missing?

Inside \user\data\gantry5\themes\g5_helium\particles I’ve placed:


{% extends '@nucleus/partials/particle.html.twig' %}

{% block particle %}
<div class="{{ particle.css.class }}">
    {{ particle.markdown|markdown }}
{% endblock %}


name: Custom Markdown
description: Same as Custom HTML, only with Markdown parsing
type: particle
icon: fa-code

      type: input.checkbox
      label: Enabled
      description: Globally enable to the particles.
      default: true

      type: textarea.textarea
      label: Markdown
      description: Create or modify your description.

      type: input.text
      label: Class
      description: CSS class name for the particle.

Silly me! I had forgotten to assign the outline to the page. Now, I can see the text, however, it prints with the HTML tags as text… so I then found out that I needed to append ‘|raw’, and voila, now it works! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m happy to have discovered your solution!

Edit: Actually, I get an error: " Error while rendering custom_markdown particle."