Markdown buttons

If I remember it well, in the documentation there were mentions of a markdown syntax to generate buttons, the div and anchor with buttons class. Is this deprecated somehow or just transformed into a even better way than .{button}?

Try this: ![](/your/link?classes=button)

Need to get this stuff documented this week.

uhmm… ? isn’t the best choice as a separator after a link. For example I have a link with, now how would I add the button class to this?


It will get stripped from the actual url

Be sure to there is person using this parameter in the url

I tried using the following code with the Antimatter theme but the link would not work. Is there something else that needs to be added?


You need some styling for the class .button. Antimatter does have a .button class so it should work.

However, your example is ![]( This is an image because of the !. You just want [your text](/your/link?classes=button)