Manual install of Admin Panel


i trying my first steps with Grav.
I want to use the Skeleton multiverse with the Admin Panel.
CLI install not possible i have a poor server.
When i add the plugins for the admin panel, i got an error in the form.php
$cache_id = $this->grav[‘pages’]->getPagesCacheId() . ‘-form-plugin’;

How i can handle this?

You can install manually, but you will need to unzip admin, form, email and login plugins as all of these are required.

You also have to rename it to just “admin” “form” “email” and “login”. Dont forget that.

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I have a skeleton agency website with Grav 0.9.43 and I’d like to manually install the admin, form, email and login plugins. Can I use their latest versions? Thanks.

You should upgrade to latest Grav first before you upgrade the latest admin,form,email,login plugins.

BTW, 0.9.44 is very old!

Bump, I actually have the same problem.

installed the Gravstrap Skeleton but would like to have admin, also running everything locally.

Downloaded and extracted Admin, Form, Email and Login (renamed folder) to the user/plugins folder and pointed my browser to localhost and no admin setup screen.

Please advise.