Have Big Picture Skeleton installed, but want to install admin plugin

Hello everyone. I have been playing around with Grav CMS and so far I love it. Im having an issue installing the Grav CMS Admin Plugin though.

I currently have a modified “big picture skeleton” theme up at http://www.abovewebdesign.com but cannot install the admin plug properly. Whats the best way for me to install this? I have tried several ways such as just putting the plugin in the user/plugin folder but causes the whole site to crash.

if you have a ssh access, you can just run

bin/gpm install admin

at the root of your project.
If you unzipped the admin plugin inside user/plugins, make sure its folder is named admin (especially if you downloaded the zip from the github repo).

Just tried that, but it wanted me to update Grav cms first. So I did a:

bin/gpm self-upgrade

it upgraded, but now im getting a error 406

forgot to mention I get that error when I go to www.abovewebdesign.com but works fine with abovewebdesign.com

all fixed now thanks a ton! It just fixed it self roughly 2 mins after updating. Not sure if it was some kind of server thing or what, but it works great now! thanks again!