Make the admin editor available to all?

I am totally unfamiliar with grav, and now I am about to become the administrator for our grav installation.

My team and I all really like the admin editor, which is what I am using to enter this topic. One solution would be to simply allow everybody on my team to be administrators. Before I do that, is there to allow non-administrators access to the admin editor?

All of my team are experienced Linux sysadmins and are quite comfortable ssh’ing into a server and editing documents with vi or emacs. We are all reasonably proficient at markdown. We could also use git as a means of keeping track of the site’s state. But is that a reasonable workflow given this level of expertise? I am trying to convince them to migrate off of OneNote.

I do not have much first hand experience, but you might find Grav Group Permissions useful in this scenario Groups and Permissions | Grav Documentation.

In terms of workflow with Git, I am not a dev but I really like using the GitSync Plugin to track only Page (content) changes. Over the years I’ve blogged about some of the details of that workflow at Blog | Exploring and Building Open [Source] Software for OER and Learning Ecosystems - your mileage may vary!