Grav-admin forbid dashboard to users

is it possible to have editor user (edit content) but forbidding the dashboard? Or at least remove some panels from his dashboard (notifications and news feeds)?

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Have you been able to:

  • Read the Admin section in the docs at
  • Check the options for the Admin plugin?

If so, what have you tried so far but hasn’t given the results you’re after?

@pamtbaau forgive delay, yes i’ve tried admin options to disable dashboard or notifications, but these are globals, not per user.
I want the user xx edit page contents and nothing more, no options, no dashboard with notifications nor news feed, but for that specific user only (or better for a group of users)

@backit, Have a look at post How can I give a Grav user, access to manage only one particular plugin? - #2 by pamtbaau

It might give you an idea of how to manipulate the UI of Admin. The suggested plugin checks if user belongs to a certain group and then injects javascript to remove elements.