Looking for Grav developer / freelancer

Hello Grav enthusiasts,

I sometimes get stuck with more complex tasks, when I want to adjust the Twig templates, or Javascript. If there is someone more experienced in these matters, i would like to hire him from time to time for some hours. I think something like 2 - 10 hours a month.

Just let me know your hourly rate and maybe 1 or 2 projects you’ve made with Grav. Communication can be through Skype or Hangout.

I admit I am intrigued to find someone as well – if you have a good experience, please share it here.

We (the Grav dev team) offer development services via Trilby Media, a professional services business we setup to ensure the continued development of the Grav project.

If you need help with Grav, and want to actually support Grav development, shoot us an email via the website.

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