Created privated area and page but cannot log out a user

I have created a page and have added this to the front matter

    site.editor: true
  visibility_requires_access: true

this allows my page to be displayed and accessed if I log in as an editor (group/user)

this works great,

next, I added to display login status, this doesn’t display anything unless I removed config.plugins.login.enabled - it seems like this is not an option for login, I have the admin plugin install with the login

{% if config.plugins.login.enabled and grav.user.username %}
  <li><i class="fa fa-lock"></i> {% include 'partials/login-status.html.twig' %}</li>
{% endif %}

so with config.plugins.login.enabled removed I can see the lock and user in my nav bar which is created from this code.

<span class="login-status">
    {% if grav.user.authenticated %}
        <strong>{{ grav.user.fullname ?: grav.user.username }}</strong>, <a class="logout" href="{{ uri.addNonce((base_url_relative ~ uri.path)|trim('/') ~ '/task' ~ config.system.param_sep ~ 'login.logout', 'logout-form', 'logout-nonce')|e }}">{{ 'PLUGIN_LOGIN.BTN_LOGOUT'|t }}</a>
    {% endif %}

but this does not create a href value

<a class="logout" href="">Logout</a>

so my question is how do I call/create a link to logout a login user?

further to this if i do delete the user cookie i can log them out