Login redirects to login's page


I have a little problem with the login’s plugin. I need to have a private website with different users. I tried with the plugin Login but when I try to login I’m automatically redirects to login’s page and I’m not connected.

I tried different way, but I always have the same issue.

Thank you for your help

Did u copied the htaccess.txt from websercer-config to the main folder and renamed it to .htaccess?

Yes I have an htaccess

Did you perhaps set system.session.initialize to false?

No, system.session.initialize is on true

Elas, not being able to set cookies is the only reason I know of… Have you checked in the browser if a cookie is set?

I tried to connect on private navigation too, but still not working…
Thank you for your help.

It’s solved, it was a conflict with the plugin Advanced cache

@Arpega Is it an issue caused by AdvancedPageCache, or an oversight from your side?

If it is an issue caused by AdvancedPageCache it could be useful if you create an issue at its repo.

I don’t really know i didn’t do more tests, I delete the plugin and all works now.
If I have the time later I’ll do more tests and I’ll update this post.