Local Install via Composer > Access this Install folder in a browser


I´m having a spot of trouble, and I cannot figure it out as … well I am no expert. I have managed to install GRAV several times on web servers, with no problem, but I am now on my local machine and I cannot get GRAV to run or anything.

I am on Elementary OS, and all web files are based in var/www/html. In this folder I unzipped the GRAV files and nothing. I have Apache, PHP & MySQL (Wordpress install) running, and when I go to localhost GRAV does not run.

So I did an install via the Terminal using Composer and that GRAV install is in home/dpb/webroot,
the thing is I have no idea as to how I can access this install via a browser…

Although the GRAV Docs are good, where it mentions a WEBROOT install, I just have no idea as to access that install. I would really appreciate any help with this.

Many thanks and all the best.