Link which is inside a page like a modular from the original text_test.html.twig

In a page I’m using a {% include ‘modular/text_test.html.twig’ %}, which inside that text_test.html.twig I have a:
{% markdown %} {% include ‘modular/’ %} {% endmarkdown %}
That really works, and is editable, just only going through folders.
But if I link that md and outside templates folder like:
{% include ‘…/…/…/…/pages/05.test_page/_t1/’ %}
The page crashes, there’s no way to link outside templates with the include function, and it wouldn’t be editable.





I don’t use the modular anymore for any section on any page because it doesn’t add it in my main element
Is there any way to modify the include function or link the md?