Link to renamed modular "sub"page doesnt work

Hi i have small problem with my modular pages. Im using ceevee skeleton which contains page called portfolio. I wanted to rename it to something else, like “test”, then i changed the file name to “_test”, and then i edited list of modular pages in so it looks like this:

onpage_menu: true
items: @self.modular
by: default
dir: asc
- _about
- _resume
- _test
- _call
- _testimonials
- _contact

Then i cleared caches and looked at the page. The page menu on top of website shows test correctly, but when i click on it, im not being moved to the correct subpage. When i rename it back to portfolio, then it works. Could you please tell me what am i missing on modular? Thank you.

You changed the folder name to _test?
Did you change your markdown file to
If so you also have to change your twig template to test.html.twig

I did all of that, it still didint work.