Can two sliders be placed in one modular page? I tried doing it and the first one works properly but the second one is always deconstructed, showing slide one with text then below that showing slide 2 with text and so on.

That might not have been tested :slight_smile: Do you have a running site I can have a look at before I try to recreate it myself?

Ya no problem, here: at the bottom of the page is where I put it.

Ok yah, so I had a look at this, and there’s a unique_id option in the lightslider configuration. If you are using modular pages, you should be able to set this to something unique for each page.

To make this truely automatic will require some updating to the plugin to use a uniquely generated id for each instance.

I have created an issue for it:

I saw that you fixed this issue, and I installed the new version of the lightslider plugin but I am getting the same effect? Am I missing anything?

Doesnt seem to have generated an unique id:

[Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7](//

It requires Grav 0.9.18 to generate that ID, so just update it with:

bin/gpm selfupgrade

@rhukster, thanks a lot, after updating the core both sliders are functioning properly. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this awesome project.

awesome :slight_smile: