What we see in documentation:
LightBox image title
…but it doesn’t work.
LightBox image title
…works fine.

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Oops… How can I put the code? Exuse moi…

Please, see a LINK in the first message. “&” vs “,” there. Thanks.

Congratulations, you found a typo. I’ve fixed the docs now. Should be:

![Sample Image](sample-image.jpg?lightbox=1024,768&cropResize=200,200)

Is there a way to add a “close-button” to the lightbox?

there is a close button in the top right corner if you use the Featherlight plugin.

Hm, it seems not to be working correctly … I have added Open image in lightbox to my but when I click on the link the image is displayed with a black background (not really lightbox-style).

Check out the example lightbox in the docs - see the results tab and click the image. It should look something like this if it’s working correctly:

If it is not, then in all likelyhood you have either a JS error (check your console in your browser) or a CSS issue (inspect the featherlight div at the bottom of the HTML).

Damn, I cant’t get this working … Here’s what I did regarding the documentation:

  1. copy plugin to /users/plugins/featherlight
  2. copy featherlight.yaml to /users/plugins
  3. created the following link in my Sample Image

The image shows cropped in the page but when I click on it, it opens in a new window (no lightbox-style). What I`m doing wrong?

What I want to have on my site:

  1. a small image centered on my page (dummy_small…jpg)
  2. on click it should display in a lightbox a bigger picture (dummy.jpg)

First off, you should install the plugin with GPM, this is the preferred approach.

$ bin/gpm install featherlight

You shouldn’t even need to copy the .yaml file unless you plan to change any of the default settings. It should just work at this point if you use the correct link format. I can’t really tell what your link was because you didn’t put it in back ticks to display it as code. but should be something like this:

![Sample Image](sample-image.jpg?lightbox=1024,768&cropResize=200,200)

If that doesn’t work, then as I said before check your browser developer tools to see if there are any errors. Maybe you can upload some screenshots of what you are seeing of even better, provide a link to the site so I can see it for myself.