Lightbox for 'first' image


I have installed the feather light plugin and it’s working fine on my markdown images.

Yet, I’m using text.html.twig of antimatter theme which includes a header image as follows:

{% set image =|first %}
{% if image %}
{{ image.cropResize(400,400).html(’’,’’,‘align-’~page.header.image_align) >}}
{% endif %}

This image displays correctly, but it hasn’t the lightbox effect on click. Should I edit the .html(’’,’’,…) part so as to insert a rel=“lightbox” as well as the href=“path/to/the/image”? How could I do that?

Thank you,


NO simply change it to this:

{{ image.lightbox().cropResize(400,400).html('','','align-'~page.header.i mage_align) }}

That work like a charm.
Many thanks!