Lightbox in docs

I’m going through 2.Content > Media and testing the actions.

Lightbox doesn’t seem to work. Does it need a plugin? If so, should it say that in the docs? All it states in it adds rel=“lightbox” attribute.

When I add the attribute, it just creates a link to a separate page. The example in the docs creates what I expected of a lightbox.

@adv, Did you come across this warning in Links and Lightboxes?

Grav does not provide lightbox-functionality out of the box, you need a plugin for this. You can use the FeatherLight Grav plugin to achieve this.

No I did not! Thanks. I didn’t realize that was there.

To be honest, I just opened the media page in the docs, and quickly scrolled down until I found the section I was looking for with the Actions, which, in turn caused me to pass right over that section you pointed out.

(I’ve read that doc in full, but it has been several months ago)

@adv, Please don’t say to someone who has spent time on you, it was just because of laziness… :wink:

Since your question has been solved, you may mark it as such and because of the laziness you may return some ‘love’ too…

I never said it was because of laziness.
It would help if those notes were in the relevant spot in the docs, or at least a pointer to them.

@adv, No it was me saying that jokingly…

What’s preventing you from enriching the docs? :wink:

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@pamtbaau Oh… I can do that?

I’ll look into it!