Landio Skeleton / Grav Version Issues

I’ve tried starting a new site using the Landio Skeleton and upon arriving to the initial admin view to create the first user, there is an alert at the top saying, “You are running Grav v1.0.10. You must update to the latest Grav v1.1.x release in order to ensure compatibility. This may require switching to Testing GPM releases in the System configuration.” I went into system/defines.php and changed the GRAV_VERSION variable to ‘1.1.0’. This seemed to alleviate the issue but I find it odd that a theme that requires a specific version (a beta version) isn’t packaged with the correct Grav version.

Anyways, I filled out the form, hit Create User and was given the error, “Validation failed: Missing required field: PLUGIN_ADMIN.USERNAME”.

Any idea what could be the issue? Thanks.

You stumbled on an issue with how that skeleton is built by us.

Skeletons usually don’t include Admin.
Landio does, and it must be the only one from what I see. AND, since we have Admin 1.1RC out, it installs Admin 1.1 while it should install the latest stable version. And, Admin 1.1 suggests to use Grav 1.1 to be in the best tested setup.
So, this was the description of the issue.

This problem will be fixed in the next update of the skeleton. Already pointed out in

So, solution: delete the user/plugins/admin folder, and reinstall the Admin plugin from the command line if you need it.

Hi, a small issue with the Landio skeleton is the use of the http protocol to load the social endpoints. Better use the protocol relative // instead. So for example change —‘…’ to —’//…’. The same for the other http endpoints in the css