Lack of attention to B2C

It’s alright for producers, but inexperienced users may come across difficulties. More than 300 pages of documents …

Are there any areas of the documentation you feel are too advanced for new users? Anything in particular you’d like to have addressed?

They were written with new users in mind, and when you mention the volume of documentation, it should be noted that end users not involved in development really only need to skim over the Basic, Content, and Administration Panel chapters to get enough know-how to do almost anything with Grav.

Thank you. From my point of view, the need for a separate unit of ready solutions.

‘Lack of attention to B2C’ … well I am a client and I have been supported very efficiently and kindly so far each time I needed help.
‘Lack of’ is disrespect way to say isn’t it?
please try to be constructive… what is your question?

Bad English. blame Google