Kick cache for certain sites on Saving others

I made a one-pager theme which builds up parts from entries of sub-pages
In that case it’s dogs:

  • So a Dog has 4 fields (name, short_text,long_text,images)
  • the short-text, name and the first image is used to show up on the home-page in something like a view
  • the long-text and all the images show up on a sub-page when you click on one of the entries in the home page
  • so the part of the home page showing those dog-entries is a modular with page.find('/dogs').children loop in the twig-template

my problem
When I update or add a dog (so a sub-page) I would like to kick the cache for the home-page so that it show the new entry as soon as it is saved. Otherwhise the editor has to kick the cash manually every time it adds a new dog to the system.

my question
Is there a way to tell a grav to selectively refresh the cache for a certain page when saving a certain other page-type?

Hi @hubionmac, I wanted to do the same thing when updating modular content to a page, and if I recall correctly setting cache_enable: false ( on the parent page worked - have you tried that?

Hi @paulhibbitts

That would probably work, but then my home page is not cached at all.

I want to update the cache of site A (modular page) when site B (some other regular sub-page) is added/saved/deleted.

Is it an option just to leave the Cache off? Otherwise I do not know myself how you might do what you are asking.