Multisite need the clear the cache everytime

If i clear the cache with bin/grav clear-cache then the page shows up again – at least until I refresh.

for that issue i need some advices

What page shows up again?

i have only one page: home, maybe i didnot explain very well (english not my native language) so excuse me. My home page in my subsite works very well, i have that line in my {% do assets.addJs('/user/sites/spa/pages/home/_slideshow/typed.min.js') %} if i load the page for the first time everything ok, script is loaded, if i refresh, i have console error because the script was not loaded then if i clear the cache, again all good until i refresh etc, i try to add in my setup.php

‘cache’ => [
‘type’ => ‘ReadOnlyStream’,
‘prefixes’ => [
’’ => [“user/{$folder}/cache”],

but still that issue, only with assets added in the

another try was in base.html.twig and in that place it always works so it seems an issue only when you add assets in modular

    {% block javascripts %}
        {% do assets.addJs('jquery', 101) %}
        {% do assets.addJs('/user/sites/spa/pages/home/_slideshow/typed.min.js', 101) %}
        {% if page.header.http_response_code == 404 %}
          {% do assets.addJs('theme://js/custom/jquery.spritely.js') %}
        {% endif %}
    {% endblock %}