Frustrated, Can't Edit Page

I located the EXACT SCRIPT IN THE .html.twig file. I edited that file. I literally DELETED that file from the system entirely, but when I refresh the page, there are no changes that get pushed through. I’m using the Deliver theme and trying to edit the pricing tables. The file I am editing is /grav/user/themes/deliver/templates/modular/text.html.twig

I get that too at times. Deleting the cache folder and refreshing the page may help.

Clearing the cache is the best way to get changes reflected when working with modular pages. Or better yet, turn the cache off while developing.

This is simply because the Twig in modular pages is actually processed as ‘content’ and then cached. When you change a twig file, this is not detected as a valid content changes (as it’s actually not content, but merely the template used to render the content), so the cache is not cleared and your change doesn’t show up.

Another option is to use the relatively new never_cache_twig page option which gets you the benefit of content caching, but doesn’t cache the twig. This is exactly the use case where that option is helpful.