jQuery-ui install

Hi All,
Brand new to Grav, learning as I go. Was able to create an inherited template (Lepton) from the Quark template. As a test project, I’m writing a registration site for daughters’s high school lacrosse team. For several fields, I need a datepicker. Was going to use jquery-ui, but documentation left me a little confused. I thought I could use ui-libraries plugin to discover how to manually install the jquery-ui module, but alas, it appears to be broken. Add it as a GravAdmin colllection or install the js, css and image files to the appropriate folders in the theme. I must be missing something obvious. Googling doesn’t bring up much help. Any pointers???

@jstubbs Have you tried Grav’s build-in datetime picker?

@pamtbaau Yes, I did and it worked wonderfully for macOS (10.13) versions of Chrome & Firefox, but not Safari. iOS’s Safari could handle it, but with it’s default datepicker. No issues with that. At work (my day time wage slave occupation isn’t in IT, more health care oriented), on a Windows7 machine, Firefox would use Grav’s built-in date picker, but Explorer just wouldn’t render it. Just figured I could use a cross platform/browser solution, learning curve is a little steep considering my time constraints. I’ll keep putzing with it, till I get it working. Thx.

@jstubbs Maybe it is an idea to share your experience with the Grav team on GitHub?