Is this a typo in taxonomy collections in Docs

On page it says

'@taxonomy': {tag: birds, category: blog}	taxonomy with tag='photography' && category='blog'

I take it this is a mistake, and should read taxonomy with tag='birds' && category='blog'?

Thanks. However, in the future, please just edit the docs directly from the documentation site. It will create Pull Request automatically that we can simply merge. It’s easier for you and for us :slight_smile:

Well, I think I may have done the right thing … A bit of a sudden leap for an amateur hacker in his mid-seventies! I spotted a couple of insignificant typos and found my way to GitHub and (I hope) editing them and creating a pull request. The point of this message is to apologise if I’ve done it wrong.

All good! Changes merged :slight_smile: Thanks!