Is there a most basic of the basic theme?

Hellooo. I’m new to Grav, very new. But I’m a coder, and I love making my own themes. Usually the easiest way for me to learn a new system is to pick apart the code that’s already there and make something of my own But, because I am a beginner with this CMS, all the themes are a little overwhelming. I was wondering if there were a basic iteration. Something that has the necessary template files for a standard page, a blog page, and a css file that has everything you need in one. I’m a simple kind of girl, I don’t need a lot of fancy java or bootstrap. Just something I can play with. I tried with antimatter, but 12 CSS files? I can’t even begin to know where what class I need to edit for this one little thing might be.

The Blog Site Skeleton is a basic iteration, and as close to the core as you will get without starting with just the core itself. It uses Antimatter, but you can easily just keep that as the base and overwrite the styles with a custom.css in the css-folder.

To find out what you want to edit, just install the site, open it, and use Chrome’s DevTools: To find out what you want to edit, right-click the element on the page and click Inspect. The DevTools will open and reveal the HTML-element and how it is styled, and you can overwrite that in the custom.css-file.

Hi @annaelaine,

some other really basic themes are Sidewalk and the Cacti theme. Both ships with just one css and have everything to get a blog site. Cacti theme further has the advantage, that it supports multi-language right out-of-the-box and is maintained by the Grav Team, whereas Sidewalk comes from a third-party developer.

Antimatter is probably your best theme to use as it covers most of the common page types.