Is there a more barebones/skeleton theme to start with for simpler understanding

Hi there, am just looking at trying out Grav, however most of the themes/skeletons I looked at involve fairly complex amounts of blocks/templates etc. Are there any more barebones starting points that I can learn from a little slower? Thanks

Hi André, well it depends on your goal and what kind of theme you want to use at the end. Templates are based on the Twig Engine For a beginner the documentation is the most important reference.

If you directly want to learn on a theme, I think you can start with the Sidewalk theme or a little more complex the zSimplex theme.



Thanks Sommerregen, I guess I would like to start with almost “no theme”, does that exist? But these look like interesting starting points too, so thanks for pointing them out!

You have to start ‘somewhere’, and I suggest starting with one of these already pretty basic themes, and removing bits you don’t need. Other than that, you can just create a theme from scratch via our tutorial.


That’s a good start! When you need something really fundamental, I created a “barebone theme”, which is possibly the minimalist theme you can create for using with Grav. Just download it here

and play around (extract it into your Grav install). Have fun!

something release-worthy @sommerregen ?

No not at all. This is just a really simple theme (a blank site with custom title and body).


When there are more request, then I will probably create a barebone theme ready to release :wink:

@André I forgot. When using this theme you have to change the theme in ùser/config/system.yaml (L9):

  theme: barebone

Thanks @Sommerregen

@Sommerregen Excellent! I was actually hoping for a barebones starting point for making my own themes, rather than just starting purely from scratch. I was going to use sidewalk or make my own. It just saves a bit of development time. Thanks!