Is it possible to use forms to allow some users to customize content on a page?

So I need a way to allow some users to edit prices and text on a page. I was thinking this could be done using a form. Is this possible? I want it to show the current content in the text box and allow the user to edit it. I was thinking about using flex objects to do this but there might be another way.

Can someone with more experience help me?

The simplest way to set this up (but maybe not for users wanting to make simple edits) is to install the Admin plugin and give those users access to edit those parts. These are page or site “blueprints”, depending on where this information goes. If you want to lock everything else down, it might get a bit more involved.

There are also a small number of plugins in the official repository that allow more in-place (“Edit this page”-type) editing for logged in users. I don’t think they require the Admin plugin but probably require some custom form setup.