Is it possible to extend the admin plugins editor page?

Hello Grav Team,

just out of curiosity, would the following be possible with the current api?

  1. Extend the admin plugins editor page by either an additional Tab (right next to Content, Options, Advanced) or by adding an additional block below the ‘Page media’ section of the content tab?
  2. Is there a way to get the content from the editor in response of a button click?
    What I’d basically want to do is to analyze the entered text and display some statistics about it. From a technical point of view, are the required APIs available to do it?

Really there is no API as such the admin plugin is using. It is not really simple to edit existing pages of the admin without overriding the whole admin plugin and modifying pages and class methods etc. We are doing this in the Pro version of the admin, but it’s definitely not trivial.

However, it is possible to add information on page editing because that is controlled by blueprints, and you can extend the default blueprint and add your own fields. You would just need a custom field (provided by a custom plugin) that displayed your information.