Unable to find grav-plugin-editable

I’m working on GRAV in order to offer a user friendly UX to edit the content. I found some nice plugins, but i cant find the coolest of them : GRAV-PLUGIN-EDITABLE which allow user to edit directly in the front-end views of the site with content-editable-like feature (differs to the nice https://github.com/bleutzinn/grav-plugin-editable-simplemde

It looks like that you can see on the vidéo linked below, and this is the only clue that i have

the video of the plugin

I hope someone could help me to find that hidden plugin :slight_smile:

The handover has taken place and the reason for discontinuing the plugin can be found in the corresponding issue on GitHub. There’s also a link to the temporary location of the source code of this plugin.

Good luck on it’s reincarnation.