Internal Server Error

I’ve tried unzipping grav core, grav with admin or any other skeletons and all I get “Internal Server Error” in white blank page. I’m using shared hosting from smallorange. Can it be the issue?

Have you installed other CMSs on this host before? Are you using A Small Orange hosting? If so, I see they use cPanel so that’s a good sign :). I suggest you try to upload and unzip the zipfiles using the cPanel File Manager via it’s Upload and Extract tools. But before that, create a new folder (e.g. grav) in your document root (the public_html folder), enter that and then upload and extract the zip files.

I did it exactly as you said and all I get “Internal Server Error” on a blank page. I’ve tried many several CMS without any problems. I would like to know what may cause the problem.

We have a page on our documentation that is all about solving this problem:

Check the solutions proposed there.