Installation is blocked. Problem with php zip and gd modules

Hello, I am using nginx and Docker Compose. The installation crashes because apparently it detects that the php zip and GD modules are not installed.
The other php modules are well detected.
On my side, they are well installed and launched. When I try with apache, it works.
The gzip is well put in the nginx conf and uncommented in the php.ini
I have uninstalled and reinstalled nginx.
Moreover I used the command line phpenmod module.
I have to use nginx for proxies so Apache is not suitable for me.
Could you help me to unblock please?
Is it possible to bypass the zip and gd at least for the installation?
Thanks a lot for your help.


After uninstalling php, zip, reinstalling without using the apt update (manual installation), uninstalling and reinstalling nginx, I followed the tutorials and help on this forum (uncommented lines in php.ini for modules) and others …
I still have the same problem: Grav does not detect Zip and GD.
It’s really annoying not to be able to move forward and install Grav.
So I’m going to move to another CMS unfortunately because I’m wasting too much time.
Thanks and sorry