Install Grav in Vesta Panel with Nginx + php fpm

First of all I wanted to say that the work done by the entire Grav community is AMAZING. Simply Fantastic!

I’ve used many CMS, but GRAV found the balance between POWER and SIMPLICITY.

I use Grav CMS since version 0.8 something like this
So far I’ve only used GRAV with Apache and never had serious problems.

But now I need to prioritize the performance of my project. It’s been 6 days now that I’m struggling to configure GRAV in Vesta Panel with Nginx, but to no avail :frowning:

I’ve researched in a lot of ways, but I never find anyone talking about it.

I have already read the GRAV documentation (another fantastic GRAV item), but there is a big problem there are no “sites-available” and “sites-enabled” folders in Vesta Panel.

After trying a backup restore several times
I even did an installation from scratch.

Ocean Digital Server
Ubuntu 16.4
Vesta Panel with Nginx + php fpm
Record with ADM Version. 1.3.2

But after the page appears where it shows if the requirements are correct it redirects to the admin URL and gives 404 error

If anyone can please help me with a tutorial in the correct way to configure I would be very grateful, I no longer have the faintest idea what to do.

PS: Forgive English mistakes I’m Brazilian.


I ended up discovering something very interesting!
In the Vesta panel there are several nginx templates in desperation I decided to go for probability. As are several I have thought, there must be one similar to what Grav needs.

So I put the CMS Template Made Simple and to my surprise … It worked !!!

I have already installed Grav I created an ordinary page and a blog page with a post and all the pages work fine.

If someone has the same problem is the tip!

Glad to hear it worked. I’m not surprised really, the rewrite rules needed for Grav are pretty much the same as those needed by WordPress, Joomla, etc. The thing is the config we provide in the webserver-configs folder also has the security settings that are Grav specific.