Insert form midway through page content

Can a contact form be placed halfway through a page’s content?
For example: in

Page content..

{output form here}

More page content...

I haven’t tested with form yet… but you can try this:

Another alternative, which I use frequently, is to separate between summary and content using the === break. So for example:

Introduction, for example a paragraph or two.


Rest of content, several paragraphs.

And in twig, I use:

{{ page.summary }}
{% include "forms/form.html.twig" %}
{{ page.content|slice(page.summary|length) }}

Alternatively you can put the form as part of a modular page.

A modular page allows you to put content on top, then the form in the middle, then another content after the form.

Quick tutorial here.

The Page Inject plugin seems to be the ideal solution, but it doesn’t work with forms.