Insert data to blueprint yaml


is there any chance to add extra option through admin panel to a blueprint? for example im using type:select and have there few options, but in the future i want that people could add some extra options there through admin panel, is there any chance to do it or it is not possible with yaml? I’ve tried to look on Internet for the answer but I’m out of luck. Thank you for an answer

Did I get that correctly? You want to add and option in admin -> page editing to add an ability for user/admin to <Select> field options?

Ahh yes you are right, any solution to it?

If I correctly understood the question.

You could use list field for this.

template_blueprints.yaml file snipet
  type: text
  label: Standart subject select placeholder
  type: toggle
  label: Is the field required?
  highlight: 1
  default: 0
    1: 'Yes'
    0: 'No'
    type: bool
  type: list
  label: Standart subject select options
  collapsed: true
      type: text
      label: Subject name

and then in your template file loop through page.header.select_field_value and get the options for select field (example code)

Twig template snipet
<select id="ddServices" class="input_field dropdown" {% if page.header.form.select_required %}required{% endif %}>
   <option value="" disabled selected>{{ page.header.form.select_label }}</option>
      {% for select_item in %}
         <option value="{{ }}">{{  }}</option>
      {% endfor %}

Ahh sorry but no. I had in mind that in admin panel I could add extra categories in select field options for example i wuld add categorie (test4) , and after refreshing the page in the same admin panel i would see that one of the options added is there which at the end would be (test4)
in the image below

and after that i could go to yaml file and would like to see that categorie added in one of the options

image below:

This part of the doc might help you:

See also:

I only need the way to add option in select field through admin panel, because I want to make more suitable for people without coding experience at all.

you could use both suggestions and combine them into one: there would be a general page with theme options (parent page if it’s a modular page that you are creating or in theme options) where you can create the categories using the list and the page where you want to choose would have function calls

EDIT: One more thought. Or you could create a tab in witch the user could create the categories and then use function calls to get the data

Alright it seems working but there is one problem left, I’m trying to find how in the options to get a number for a certain category on the left side as seen in the image above