Admin site configuration fields?

I’ve figured out how to use blueprints.yaml to add options to the theme, but it doesn’t seem to matter how I edit config/site.yaml no new fields show up in the admin panel

Actually never-mind, I was editing the system/config/site.yaml instead of creating user/blueprints/config/site.yaml. Why are there so many site.yamls, blueprints/site.yaml in the directory lol… If I use the same code in user/config/site.yaml I get a blank screen. Why is this here if I can’t edit it?

A blueprint defines how the Admin form should be presented to allow the user to change a configuration file.

See which shows how to add an additional option to the Site configuration.

user/blueprints/config/site.yaml will contain the form definition (how the Admin will show the form to the user)
user/config/site.yaml will contain the option values (the actual values as set by the user)

I did read that, but considering that folder doesn’t already exist in the current grav version and I coudn’t find any applications of it within skeletons it didn’t click. Shouldn’t there be a theme blueprint for the admin panel fields, given that I’m referencing those values specifically within the theme?