Impossible to add new line

I’m using Grav 1.4 with Pinpress template and I am not able to add a new line after a code (~~~)

I’ve tried to add 4 or 5 spaces then a new line with return key, but cannot make it.

I use the editor on the admin panel by the way.

Any way to do it?

Thank you

If your intention is adding breaks betweens lines, add this: <br> , the more you do, the more whitespace you get

Much easier.
thank you

no problem :slight_smile: mark this as solved if u can :wink:

Let me find the way to mark it as solved :wink: Haven’t found yet.

You have to hover over Rob’s post that answer your question and check the checkbox

I think the box will show only if the post was originally created as a ‘support’.

ah, interesting, I changed the post category, let’s see if the box appear

Hmm still not the box…Anything I need to tweak from my side to make it appears?

@paul this option is missing in the content category. i have opened a thread for that in mod forums.

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