Images don't display

I have tried following the gallery example at:

I have a gallery folder, containing a file and some image files (.jpg)

My problem is I don’t get any images displayed. When I check the page source, I see the

tags but with no list items between. For some reason it looks like Gra doesn’t find the image files in my page folder.

What could cause that?

Thanks for your help!


The images are in the same folder that contains the file? Not in a subfolder, right?

Yes, they are in the same folder as the file. Images are all .jpg files.

your gallery folder is in your usr/pages folder?
you created a gallery.html.twig?

Hi all and thanks for your help. Here is the directory listing for my Grav gallery page. Hopefully it helps!

Directory of C:\wamp\\user\pages\

15/06/2017 09:34 PM .
15/06/2017 09:34 PM …
15/06/2017 09:53 PM 40
18/12/2010 06:12 PM 34,629 zzr2008_001.jpg
18/12/2010 06:12 PM 32,107 zzr2008_002.jpg
18/12/2010 06:12 PM 39,597 zzr2008_003.jpg
18/12/2010 06:12 PM 32,659 zzr2008_004.jpg

All the best,

I forgot to add that yes, I have a gallery.html.twig file:

C:\wamp\\user hemes\mytheme emplates\gallery.html.twig