Image gallery with categoriew AND pagination


I am trying put together an image gallery with the following requirements

  1. images need to be assigned to a category
  2. present galleries per category
  3. present a gallery with all categories aka ‘all’ category
  4. galleries need to paginate through potentially large set of images

I scanned the Grav docs and this forum and my understanding is that:

1’ The taxonomy feature cannot be applied to images as for pages, so that the way to approach the category in galleries is via creating sub pages.

3’ The ‘all’ category could be implemented by the parent page scanning all the sub pages and getting all the images from those.

4’ The collections system can’t use page images nor subpage images and therefore the pagination plugin can’t be used for paginating over a set of images. The only way of doing this seems to be to implement some custom pagination mechanism.

My impression is that Grav seem to be missing those features mentioned to build a paginated gallery based on categories easily.

Another idea would be to have a page per image in which case I could use all the collections/taxonomy features that would make everything so much easier, though this seems a bit of a hack…

Thank you for Grav!