Image gallery in blog post

Hi all! Is it possible to insert an image gallery under the text of a post and before the “previous/next post” button? I use GRAV+GANTRY5+HELIUM skeleton. Please give me a step by step advise, because I know gantry 5 very well, but I’m a complete newbie in GRAV :worried:

@maria, Not many community members use Gantry based templates. Neither am I…

If any non-Gantry based theme fits your design needs, I might be able to help you.

It looks like I’m the only one crazy enough to use Gantry + Grav… :upside_down_face:
Thanks anyway!!

Ok, I found a solution in the web, after a lot of search. There is an error in the code of this file: /user/plugins/shortcode-owl-carousel/templates/partialsowl-carousel.html.twig
Correct code adds |raw before the double }}
The problem is that when you install the owl carouse plugin through the Admin Manager you’re going to install the one with the wrong code. Please correct this!!