I'm trying to deploy a grav site on Ionos AKA 1&1 Ionos -- any advice?

Its shared hosting, so it’s a little weird. I’ve gotten through a couple stumbling blocks.
– Figuring out shell access you have to use their assigned username and server name rather than root and ip
– Even though the server is running php 7.3 the command line is default accessing php 4. something so you have to specify php7.3-cli before commands that run php (like as grav’s cli)

I’m stuck again on a generic server error 500 and I’m having trouble finding the right logs. Also wondering if anyone out there has already done this and knows the typical stumbling blocks.

@syntaxErrr, There have been a handful of other posts with respect to 1&1 Ionos. Maybe one of these can help you: https://discourse.getgrav.org/search?q=ionos

Thanks, I read through those the other day. I didn’t find anything new. And between posting this and now, I kinda gave up and got the person to agree to switch to Digital Ocean. Maybe the best advice for what to do when confronted with Ionos hosting.

This solution works with IONOS:

  • Prepare your site with a local dev stack like XAMPP or MAMP
  • Upload all files including the hidden .htaccess file via FTP to the IONOS webspace.
  • If you get some error clearing the /cache folder will help in most cases.


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