I'm New to Grav and have a few questions

Hi. I am completely new to Grav and wanted to ask a number of questions that i hope someone from the community can help me with.

I am fairly skilled in web development and have built sites using both Jekyll and Wordpress.

I wanted to move away from wordpress since most of the types of sites i build are fairly straightforward static type sites. However i need to build the sites in a way that lets customers update the site via an admin panel, making Jekyll unsuitable.

The questions i have regarding GRAV are the following.

  1. Is it possible to create pages on the website that are not visible unless logged in as an admin.

  2. What are the best examples of fully built open source sites using GRAV on github where i can download the whole setup and view how other people have put “Production Ready Sites” together using GRAV.

  3. How easy is it to allow users to update mulitple sections on the homepage with ease? Current i use Advanced Custom Fields in Wordpress to create an admin page for the homepage where the sections are easily defined in the admin panel.

Thanks Mark

Hey there,

To answer to your questions:

  1. Yes, it is possible to create pages on the website that will not be visible to anonymous visitors. (this requires the ‘login’ plugin)

  2. The best thing for you to do regarding this question, is to check on the official Grav site, ‘Squeletons’. (these are “Production Ready Sites”)

  3. Not so difficult when you attribute the correct rights to the users.