New to Gav - Some basic questions

Hi, I’m building a simple corporate type site and stumbled on Grav by accident but after about 5 minutes on this site I’m really looking forward to using Grav. However I’ve read through most of the Learning section and had a quick look at the code but I’ve got a couple of questions before I really dive into Grav headlong.

The site is basically only a handful of pages with two language versions. I was originally building it in Bootstrap because I know the format and like the mobile first approach.

Common Elements of the site
I was originally building a header, footer menu etc include files for a consistent look across the site. How would I do this with Grav? I was thinking Modular Pages was the solution but since most of the site is static it seems like I’d be missing out on the standard page types to create every page as a modular page. Also I’m wondering if every page needs its own modules or modules can be shared across the site.
Where do I put site wide code like google analytics? This goes into the theme files?

How do I update the core Grav and/or the th emes? I’ve used WP and usually updates are really easy but I’ve also done more than enough file compares that I want to know what I shouldn’t touch. I’m developing on Windows and will host on Linux if that matters.


I’ve just answered my question about Updating. I’ve installed the admin panel - it told me there was an update and then did the update - nice and easy!

Re Common Elements of the site, check how themes are built. Looks like you need a footer twig, a header twig file… all themes are usually built in this way, including common parts and just injecting the page in the middle.

About update, yes it’s very simple, you’re notified in the Admin and you can update themes/plugins from there, or also from the command line. Grav itself can be updated in this way too.