I need two blogs on my site

I need two blogs on my site. They should have different designs and even different languages (one being English and the other being Hebrew which is right-to-left). I had no problems with the creation of the first blog (let us say, it is /blog1 --> blog and it contains items /blog1/itemN --> item), but I just do not understand how should I launch the other one. I created a new page with the existing blog template and put it to a new folder (say, /blog2 --> blog). After that I created an item: /blog2/item1 --> item). Now I can see the page ‘blog2’ in the main menu of the site, but it does not contain anything. Could you please instruct me what is wrong and how should I make it work?

Answer to myself:
As usually, that was a stupid mistake of mine. The blog route for blog2 was defined incorrectly. After the correction, all works fine. Apologies.