Different articles for language versions of the site

Hello, please help - I can’t configure the display of different articles for different language versions of the site

title: Home (for ru)
    changefreq: monthly
body_classes: 'header-dark header-transparent'
hero_classes: 'text-light title-h1h2 overlay-dark-gradient hero-large parallax'
hero_image: DJI_0027.jpg
custom: 'new thing'
blog_url: /blog
show_sidebar: true
show_breadcrumbs: true
show_pagination: true
        - '@self.children'
    limit: 6
        by: date
        dir: desc
    pagination: true
    url_taxonomy_filters: true
    description: 'Sample Blog Description'
    limit: 10
pagination: true
published: true

Did you go though the docs? You need to add supported languages and name your MD files accordingly

Yes, I did. And added another language in the settings. Created a file blog.en.md
But on english version show posts from russian version and posts from english version.
My settings

What’s your pages structure? Could you share a diagram for a part of it?

Yes of course

And how does your /pages folder-file structure look like? I’m a bit confused about your screenshot showing both languages on the same list, even though you have RU selected

@NataliaB, Please help the community help you… Screenshots are easily created but a bad experience for the reader.

Using $ tree user/pages | clip.exe and removing non-relevant parts might give a better view of the page tree.


├── 01.home
│   └── default.md
├── 02.typography
│   └── default.md
└── images

I’m not sure if this is correct or not, but the result is

    │   blog.en.md
    │   blog.md
    │   DJI_0027.jpg
    │   DJI_0027.jpg.meta.yaml

@NataliaB, The page tree looks much better for the reader, but probably doesn’t provide enough information related to the problem…

Please take a step back and reread all information you’ve shared so far. With the information provided, would you get a clear picture of the problem? Would you be able to reproduce your situation?

  • Your page tree should at least show blog-items in English and Russian. Only a single Russian blog-item is shown. That surely doesn’t represent your page tree.
  • It is not clear which blog-items you are seeing when on Russian blog page and which blog-items you are seeing on English blog page.
  • You haven’t explained what you are expecting to see on each language version of the blog page.

Please rethink and provide a clear description, combined with relevant data which will allow the reader to get a proper understanding of the issue.

Here is some further reading on How do I ask a good question?.

Please know that the intention of this reply is to help you help the community to provide you a proper answer and is not intended to flame you…


Good. I’ll try to explain again.
Site - default language: Russian. Added 200 articles in Russian. The main page displays all articles in Russian. mysite.com show all posts at russian language.

Now I decided to add articles in English. But do not translate existing articles from Russian into English. I want add other articles, other topics in English. When you visit the page mysite.com/en, articles in English should be displayed. But now show articles at russians.

How do I add articles for the English version step by step:

  1. Click on Pages in menu
  2. in the upper right corner I switch the blue button from Russian to English
    Opera Снимок_2023-01-30_134355_nataliabazilenco.com
  3. I am adding a page. Set the Parent page Home.
    Page template - item -

when I are on a page mysite.com/en/admin/pages), the name of the main page of the blog is displayed in the list in English: Home and the bottom /en
But when you select a parent root in the list, the page name Home is shown in russians -Главная-
I don’t know if I managed to explain what the problem is and what I want to achieve. Made a video.

@NataliaB, Have a look at the multi-language docs again and pay attention especially to the concept of “content_fallback”.

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Wow, thanks. My mistake was that I added these values to the file site.yaml in the user/config

    ru: ['ru'] 
    en: ['en'] 

I added this settings now into user/config/system.yaml and work!

Many, many thanks for your patience and your time!