How to use blog plugin's templates?

I have no clue on inserting blog plugin’s templates into a Markdown file. Only instructions I had was to render the template like so:
— twig
{% code %}

(something about a Twig code). I had no success into doing it...

So, I'll like to know if anyone can tell me how to insert a template from blog plugin.

(I did looked on admin panel and I don't see blog templates from the dropmenu when editing page.)

I strongly suggest you read over the theming section of the Grav learn site. This outlines how themes generally work.

Then I would suggest downloading the Blog Skeleton from the Skeleton section of the downloads. When you look in here you will see the close relationship between the page markdown file ( for example) and the template file that renders it (blog.html.twig).

By looking through the pages files and then comparing the template files that are used to render them, you will quickly see that you don’t actually put much logic in the markdown pages themselves. You leave that up to the template files in your theme.

Blog plugin don’t have a blog template. And I’ve already read the theming section of the Grav learn site and it does not help.

And the blog skeleton does not help, either.

What I meant was to change the template that is available to me. Templates from the blog plugin will result in an error. When copying the blog template from another theme/skeleton (I’m using Twenty theme), it resulted in CSS errors.

The blog ‘plugin’ is a third party plugin and I’m afraid I’ve never used it, nor know much about it. The is here though:

Perhaps if you have questions/issues about that plugin you can submit an issue on the repo tracker:

Also the author Giansi, does hangout on our chat room, so perhaps you can try to reach him there?

Sorry I can’t help further.

Alright, thanks, I will contact the author.

As for the, I’ve already read it and it is like I said in my first post. The instructions was to render the template.

Once again, thanks.