How to specify the menu-item path?

Hello, I am currently trying to upload and view the default Grav-“test installation” to a Site Ground account. In addition to the default Grav “test site” I have added one page, which show up in the website menu.

My problem is that the link to that page I have made does not work on the Site Ground domain. It does work when I host the website locally using XAMPP however. How do I get this to work? Should I specify a menu-item file path somewhere in the Grav config files? In that case, where?

Actually it is working now. I still don’t know where to change the paths of the menu items, but I made sure the Grav-installation that I uploaded to the Site Ground public_html folder was named Grav (the same as in my test environment XAMPP-folder).

how did you add the page to the menu? If you just created a new page, eg then the page should be automatically added to the menu with the url my-page

I simply followed the “mini-tutorial” from the welcome page of the basic Grav installation. So, yes, what you said is what I did. (My problem was however that I couldn’t get the new page to display when uploaded to the Site Ground host account. But I resolved that.) Thanks.