How to see all images / have a list to choose from

Hello, I’m brand new to Grav & Twig and it looks great, but I don’t understand how I can get to see all images that have been uploaded to the site. Like in WP or Joomla’s image manager. Is that even possible?

And is there a way of easily inserting an image from another page without having to go and find the page its on, looking in the code for its filepath and then copying & pasting it in?

Looking at I was hoping as I entered
![my image](image://some-image-name)
a list of available images would show so you could just click on it to choose it.

Thanks in advance from a confused newbie.

Hi Sarah,
If I understand your question correctly,
The expression is markdown to add in the image ‘some-image-name’ located in the stream called image.
The stream is just a short cut like a link to the ‘user/images’ folder, which may be used as a central images folder if you wish as an alternative to putting them with the individual pages.
Just open the folder in a suitable application to view images,

The advantage of Grav is that it is not database driven and therefore there is no easy lookup as such although it would be feasible to produce a plugin I suspect it would have little value.
Hope this helps

@saraheagle, Grav does not provide an “Image Manager” like WP does. It does provide a kind of “Image Manager”-lite which allows for managing media belonging to a single page.

What functionality does it provide?:

  • Drag and drop images into the folder of the page.
  • Re-order images to allow galleries to show images in preferred order.
  • Select an image and insert markdown code inside the page’s content.
  • Show meta-data of image (not edit).
  • View the image in actual size
  • Delete images

To answer your specific questions:

see all images that have been uploaded to the site

No, this is not available

easily inserting an image from another page without having to go and find the page its on

No, this is not available

Thanks Jerry, you have confirmed my initial thoughts.

When I create a website for my customers, and they want to insert an image, they want to be able to click to see the thumbnails of their available images and then just click to insert it. They do not want to use another “suitable application to view images”

Gravs current option is fine for me, but is a deal-breaker for customers with no technical ability.

Thanks for such a quick response :slight_smile:

Thanks Pam for your explanation, I’ll need to think over whether to use Grav or not because of this limitation.

However, the help I have received so quickly on this forum has been great :grinning:

Limitation? I call that a feature.

How often do you really pick an image from a list of images? What one usually does is create a page and upload an image corresponding to that page. Or upload a new image to a page. But there’s always a link between page and visual.

I have never observed that a pack of images is treated and maintained independently from content.

And keeping visual and content together in one place seems like a feature to me.

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