How to put two sliders on a page

Hello, on the basis of the skelette Shop de grav I’m trying to put two “sliders” type text one below the other, I succeeded halfway by modifying the file “lightslider.html.twig”, but the problem is that I do not find where to adjust, not to have the same images in both sliders.

I guess I need to change something on the line about “img src= image url”

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but i would love some help, thank you in advance.jef

@jefrey, One could try two approaches to show multiple galleries on a single page:

  • Refactor Lightslider to make it show two different galleries. I have no idea how to do that…
  • Or placing two Lightsliders on the same page and select a different source for each Lightslider. I would know how to do that…

Step 1:
Add second slider on the page by altering the template for the page:

{% include 'modular/lightslider.html.twig' ignore missing with {'page': page.find('/slider', true)} %}
{% include 'modular/lightslider.html.twig' ignore missing with {'page': page.find('/slider2', true)} %}

Step 2:
Create folder /user/pages/slider2, add images and Both galleries can now have different images, different text and different configurations.

├── slider
│   ├── image-1.jpg
│   ├── image-2.jpg
│   ├── image-3.jpg
│   └──
└── slider2
    ├── image-1.jpg
    ├── image-2.jpg
    ├── image-3.jpg


Note: Don’t alter the original template, but use an inherited theme. If not, you will lose all changes when a new version of the theme arrives.

Tip: To improve legibility of code, it is better to show the code snippet in block quotes instead of a screenshot.

Hello Pambau, thank you very much for the quick help on the slider, it works and I can continue my explorations.jef