How to prevent to translate field in blueprint?

Hi ! I have an issue that I don’t really know how to solve regarding a multilanguages website.
I have set the website in french and in english. In the Homepage blueprint I have use colorpicker field that I use to let the user customize the background color and and the text color of the different section of the page.
It’s working great but I want that all of these fields to be prevented from being translated, basically the user will change the colours in the french version and it will apply the style in both the french version or english version.

I see two possibilities here :

  • Is there a way to add an option to the field in the blueprint to prevent it from being translated ?
  • Is there a way to get the translation of a specific field in a specific language (here I get the field value using {{ page.header.color3 }} for example ) ?

Do you have any idea ?