How to make a page list in Grav

Hello all. Just getting deeper into GRAV and loving what I’m seeing. However, I can’t wrap my head around how to get GRAV to spit out what I’d call a “Page List” of page, like a form of navigation. For example, let’s say my homepage at the root, 5 second level pages, each with 5 child pages (third level). On my homepage, I’d want to show 5 columns, with each column containing 1 second level page and it’s 5 child pages under it.
Pretty simple, but I’m totally stumped as to how to do so in GRAV. I tried enabling Twig on the homepage, then this code (I used my actual slug tho):

{% set collection = page.evaluate([{'@page.children':'/page-1-second-level'}]) %}

No dice.

Anyone care to give me a clue?
Thanks in advance!


Duh. Thanks for the brevity and clarity. I’m getting the hang of this GRAV thing I think…