How to get a collection of pages that are descendants of page "/products" AND have a taxonomy: taxonomy.tag = top in twig?

Is it sort of a twig template? Similar to: page.collection({items: {’’: ‘1’, ‘@page.children’: ‘/parent-page’}}) - but this does not work the way I need it

@fosil I’m afraid I do not really get the gist of the question. Would you mind editing your post/title and elaborate a bit more on:

  • what you are trying to achieve
  • what you expected to see
  • what you have tried
  • what the actual result was
  • I have page with route /products
  • it contains a tree of child pages
  • these pages have the taxonomy “TAG” with values: ‘top’, ‘new’, ‘discount’, …
  • In page /products, I need to get a collection of pages that are part of a tree and at the same time they have TAG = ‘top’

collection = (@page.descendants == ‘/products’) AND (taxonomy.tag == ‘top’)